Mobile Software Development Outsourcing

Designing and development as well as consulting services of customized applications for mobile devices has been one of the primary focus areas of ComFix Software from its starting point.

Benefits & uses of Mobile Technology

The extent and growth as well as the prospect of this huge market of Mobile devices and Cellular phones is obvious, not only for the developed countries but for the entire world. This great advantage is stumbling upon rapid changes in technology which should be adopted to accommodate for the ever increasing business and applications needs. ComFix Software can help in creating high quality and performance specific add-on applications for mobile, cell phones, and other devices, as well as image processing applications, chat software applications, document routers, radios and different browsers for very competitive rates.

Mobile technology and wireless networking as well as mobile deployment is rapidly becoming the preferred mode of internal and external communication, leading to the industry overcoming some amazing technological challenges in the wireless network field. These advances have prepared the ground for thriving mobile development communities delivering rich content applications for the available high end mobile devices.

ComFix Software mobile development team provides mobile application development as well as porting services enabling the benefits of the mobile application possibilities such as:

• instant access

• instant availability

• real time integration dedicated automated devices M2M, GPS systems, SMSC gateways integration

• compatibility and integration with existing information systems or applications

• connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services

• user friendly features

• picture supporting facilities

• videos

• sounds

ComFix Software mobile development team has extensive knowledge and experience developing Mobile applications over a variety of devices and platforms:

• Windows Mobile development

• Blackberry development

• iPhone application development

• Android development

• Symbian application development

• BREW development

Outsourcing mobile software application development provides your end users with access to online and sometimes real-time data and information anytime, anywhere and on any device. This rapidly growing technology helps us either enjoy entertainment on the go, or use it for business applications, by delivering high content through it. The Mobile technology today is not limited to text messaging, networking or communication but for registrations, emergency systems, marketing and statistics, ratings, chatting, and a whole arch of on-line and off-line activities which are performed over these types of Mobile devices.

Wireless and Mobile solutions help businesses to gain benefits from the value of their information content. ComFix Software mobile development team provides wireless mobile software application services which enable businesses to deliver content and transactions which are integrated into the existing content management systems, using custom mobile applications or devices. Outsourcing mobile development or wireless software outsourcing provides users with access to online, internal or external information anywhere (especially useful for field jobs and mobile workers) – it is also possible to merge some legacy systems components in a mobile application.

ComFix Software Mobile team is equipped with a thorough, low level and high level knowledge of the mobile community development. ComFix Software Mobile team is delivering scalable and secure communications platform for mobile applications over Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, GSM, 3G, SMS and MMS, helping in extending the market share and exposure of your network application.

ComFix Software Mobile team delivers user-friendly, customer oriented solutions using innovative technologies combined with the latest methodologies of software architecture and development. We focus on the mobile applications needs and how it will feel in the gaps in the existing business application needs

Great things comes in small (and powerful) packages

The constraints of developing for PDAs and Smartphones are clear – these devices are limited in: size, screen display, memory, storage and computing capacity. Developing for these devices require excellence in this specific field of software engineering. ComFix Software Mobile development team is great with:

• Database designs, packing and unpacking optimized for the tiny pack

• Portable protocol stack layers that fit easily to the handheld and mobile platforms

• Synchronization issues are treated early on in design cycle

• User Input methods that makes it easy for users to enter data

• Developing input forms and display screens suitable for small screens

• Integrating different systems, including legacy, to create a unified integrated application

ComFix Software Mobile development team works hand in hand with our customers. The team takes its time to discuss and perfectly understand the business objectives as well as other peripheral considerations and only then suggest the best and low cost solution to perform the task to its satisfactory completion.

ComFix Software Mobile development team goes hand in hand with the customers for the full development cycle: from the requirement specs, through the systems analysis and architecture, development, installation, QA, and up to support and maintenance, and even more. Our Mobile solutions include:

• mobile application & solutions

• mobile application development

• mobile application in .NET

• mobile software development in Visual Basic

• mobile games application development

• mobile application development in Java, J2ME

Writing Compact Code in Native Format

Although the handheld devices and Smartphones have rapidly evolved in the last years and are now far stronger with much more ability, there are still several issues requiring software development to create a compact code. These reasons are: efficiency and hence faster performance, working with asynchronous events, memory resources are still not quite there yet. ComFix Software Mobile team has the required expertise to make it happen:

• Developing VB.NET and C# applications for Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone

• Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone development in C++ using eVC4, Visual Studio 2005

• Symbian OS and UIQ application development using Codewarrior, MS Visual C++, MS Visual Studio .Net

• Palm OS development using CodeWarrior

Almost all of the mobile solutions developed today are created to be readily available in multiple platforms, however these are still emerging. Reusability and modular composition of the code plays a key role in designing and developing these stack layers. Our knowledge and experience in designing and developing protocol stacks such as HTTP and others. in C with Abstraction modules for different Operating Systems has been very beneficial to our customers.

Mobile User Interface Development

Mobile devices have smaller display area and normally missing the extant of input methods existing in desktop applications and are usually require to communicate with lower layers asynchronously and therefore lack the ability to support large numbers of threads. The design of the user interface therefore plays a key role in the implementation of these applications. One of the methods that ComFix Software mobile development team can help with is using our low level understanding of the operating systems architecture (multi-threading in WinCE and Activeobject implementation in Symbian) enables us to design and develop user interfaces running separate threads when needed and running message queues to communicate with different layers for applications to run as smoothly and as robustly as possible.

ComFix Software Mobile development team supported technologies:

Mobile software solutions:

• Mobile application & PDA and Pocket PC solutions

• Custom mobile application development in Java

• Custom mobile games

• Mobile application in .NET

• Mobile software development in Visual Basic

Custom mobile software platforms:

• Windows CE

• Palm OS

• J2ME

• Symbian

• WAP Related

Mobile software technologies & tools

• J2ME, JavaPhone, PersonalJava

• Embedded Visual Studio

• Visual Basic


• Code-warrior

• WAP, WML Script


• Mobile Web SDK

Mobile software industry experience:

• Code-warrior

• Embedded visual studio

• Mobile web SDK

• WAP, WML Script



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