Software Development Outsourcing Models

Working with ComFix Software you can select the most convenient outsourcing model to suit your project and business needs. We can set up various types of develop software solutions on a Fixed-Price basis or you can simply buy development hours on a Time & Material basis.

Fixed-Price projects

Using the fixed price model, ComFix Software will size and quote the project and will commit to a fixed-price, fixed deadlines and fixed scope of work. This model is best suited for projects with well-defined requirements or potentially well defined requirements. However, even if you do not have a well defined specification or requirements, you can hire ComFix Software to rejuvenate on your requirements. The outcome of this rejuvenation phase, you will receive a fixed-price quote for software development and all the other involved steps and receive a full-scale Technical Proposal.

Advantages of the Fixed-Price model:

• Fixed project budget and deadlines are known well before the projects kickoff.

• The responsibility for the project completion on time and on budget is outsourced to ComFix Software.

Fixed-Price projects workflow at ComFix Software:

• Our specialists and engineers will review your project requirements and respond with questions needed to clarify the scope of work. We can also suggest an rejuvenation or elaboration phase to prepare full and detailed software requirements specification;

• Once we fully grasp the scope of your software projects requirements we will create a proposal for your review. If this proposal is acceptable, we will begin the development processes.

• When the software development ends, you will have a time frame dedicated for you to carry out acceptance procedure to try out and examine the quality of the developed software and other project deliverables. It is possible to use our QA team to produce the automation for the acceptance tests as well.

• Changes which were requested during the fixed-price project can be implemented, but it normally requires revision of the project cost and delivery dates.

Development - hours on Time & Material basis

This model is well-suited if you do not have a well-defined requirements, need research work, or want ongoing software enhancements.

Advantages of hours on model:

• Extensive requirement specification before development start is not needed, limited requirement specification can suffice.

• You can define, elaborate and change requirements while the development process is at work.

• It is possible to schedule project activities and tasks depending on current priorities.

• You pay for exactly what is spent, no more or less.

The hours on workflow at ComFix Software:

• Depending on your needs, you can send daily tasks, weekly tasks or upon completion of the previous tasks – or milestones reached.

• ComFix Software experts and you - agree on a ballpark estimation for any specified task. The Project Manager assigns the task to the developer and makes sure that it is completed close to the estimation.

• We guarantee that your tasks will be processed immediately upon request if you care about a regular work load of the developer resources within your project.

• According to your agreement with ComFix Software, we send you a precise and detailed time spent report by task and by software developer for your approval either Weekly, monthly, or by task completion

Contact us for additional information. Our experienced consultants are here to assist you find solutions to your business needs.

Answering all Needs

Steven Tover:

ComFix Software has the ability to turn an idea into reality in a very painless way.

Their comprehension of my most important issue and ability to put these into a workable project has saved many hours in the development of our solutions. 

Zehu Technologies

End to End R&D

Avi Shreiber:

ComFix Software has been more than just a software developer for us. They have consistently added value to all areas of our project - from software research and requirements phase including Product Management, project management through all the development processes and to streamlining the technical architecture of our projects. CFRS corp


Zvi Kushnir:

From our initial contact with ComFix Software, we were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism displayed by all their staff. ComFix Software has exceeded our expectations. They delivered inside every milestones and deadlines and provided us with a cost-effective and efficient alternative to in-house programming. VNK Technologies



We've found their developers, sales staff, and management to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable, and the work of very good quality. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictability.

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