Outsourcing QA

ComFix Software QA team provides comprehensive software testing services and solutions for any and all quality validation and testing needs. Optimize your quality assurance efforts while meeting your objectives and release schedules using ComFix Software QA team as your QA outsource.

ComFix Software QA team have the expertise to perform functional testing, performance, load and stress testing of any type of applications and web sites including testing different browsers compatibility. Our QA team has also vast experience in automation of regression tests using wide array of tools.

Functional Requirements testing

From the planning of tests to the test case execution and reporting ComFix Software QA team can assist in either complete testing of the software application or providing specialists to - hands on - assist in the all phases of the testing activities.

The full range – whether you are adding, changing or building from scratch an application or a website, ComFix Software QA team can undertake the entire testing. This way you can focus your efforts on the application, maybe even shortening the release time of the application. Using the ComFix Software SLA as basis you can secure yourself a defect free software application.

Our Specialists – can help you get the most out of the QA cycles, combining our specialized QA personal for the exact specific work you need their specialty without the need to pay for a full time specialist wages.

Short and long term QA projects – it is possible to outsource both long term QA endeavors as well as short term QA projects, using ComFix Software QA team specialized personal ensuring you get and pay for exactly what you need.

Automatic testingAutomation of the test cases execution lowers the over all efforts of testing. Test automation save more then just time, it tests most of the things the manual QA should work extremely hard to not these types of bugs

Only several applications are beneficial for automatic testing, not all of them. ComFix Software specialists are working with your stuff to learn the application, and then the best sets of testing tools are recommended. These best sets of tools might be:

• An automatic testing tool or an environment.

• A tailor made automatic testing application built by one of our development teams

• A combination of the two which ever will be best suited for your needs and requirements.  

We will go, the extra mile to make sure you have an ultimate solution tailored for your specific needs using any software development methodologies or technologies available.

ComFix Software QA team starts a QA project with a deep analysis of the system or application, then we learn and understand the product and its environmental issues and only then we create the scripts for the automatic testing, we create a test automation plan including – requirements, tools and scripts data model.

Load – Stress – Performance Testing –

Stressing your application or web sites by simulating high load of users and traffic, providing metrics data such as:

• Application reaction time for applications and page loading time for sites

• Maximum concurrent sessions

• Memory or processor usage

ComFix Software QA team will work with your stuff and development system architect towards developing a strategy and a detailed plan for your specific load testing needs.

ComFix Software QA team will create scripts to simulate load stress as defined in the test planning phase. The QA team should then product reports detailing:

• Possible problematic areas (bottle necks)

• Maximum CPU or memory usage

• Maximum concurrent sessions (or users depending on the case)

As ComFix Software has vast experience in software design and development as well as QA, we are in a position where we can present a unique offer: ComFix Software's specialists can work with your developers towards solving these – pointed out - problematic areas. Releasing these bottlenecks will greatly boost up the product or application performance and behavior.

Compatibility tests – Testing applications on a large variety of operating systems and hardware combined with different browsers and databases. ComFix Software QA team uses VMware to create these combinations, greatly lowering the projects cost.

To deliver a defect free software application it is mandatory to run over a test lab which will use different types of Operating systems, software combinations and hardware setup, so cover the entire users range of options. The ComFix Software QA team uses actual servers combined with virtual servers and platforms, to help in reducing the cost but not compromising on the delivery.

We are currently using several such different combinations of installed software, browsers, operating systems and hardware. Most importantly we can create new images for the virtual server in very short time, letting us be a little more efficient.

The tests scalability is also utilizing virtual machines to simulate up to thousands of concurrent users or sessions.

Tools list:

Automation Testing -
Commercial Tools: Mercury QTP, WinRunner
Open Source Tools: Selenium, Watir
Custom Scripts: Perl, Java, Python and other programming languages

Performance Testing - JMeter, Solex, Eclipse TPTP, LoadRunner, Microsoft Application Center Test, WAPT, OpenSTA, WAST

Unit testing - Junit, Nunit, DbUnit, HttpUnit, AspUnit

Test planning - Covers Scope, Schedule, Type of testing, Testing approach, Test Deliverables, Release Criteria, Risks and Contingencies

Bug management - Mercury Quality Center, Jira, Bugzilla, Rally, Trac, Test Director

Outsource your QA –

• Save up to 50% on your cost by outsourcing

• Guarantied on time and in budget delivery of the QA cycle

• Working with Service Level Agreement

• Large array of skill sets to accommodate for all your needs


Answering all Needs

Steven Tover:

ComFix Software has the ability to turn an idea into reality in a very painless way.

Their comprehension of my most important issue and ability to put these into a workable project has saved many hours in the development of our solutions. 

Zehu Technologies

End to End R&D

Avi Shreiber:

ComFix Software has been more than just a software developer for us. They have consistently added value to all areas of our project - from software research and requirements phase including Product Management, project management through all the development processes and to streamlining the technical architecture of our projects. CFRS corp


Zvi Kushnir:

From our initial contact with ComFix Software, we were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism displayed by all their staff. ComFix Software has exceeded our expectations. They delivered inside every milestones and deadlines and provided us with a cost-effective and efficient alternative to in-house programming. VNK Technologies



We've found their developers, sales staff, and management to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable, and the work of very good quality. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictability.

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