ComFix Software Embedded Development

ComFix Software Embedded Development Team delivers complete outsourcing services and custom tailored solutions for outsourcing embedded software development. These outsourcing services include requirements development, design, implementation, testing and support for embedded real-time microprocessor based products.

ComFix Software outsourcing services are cost-effective and very well organized. The experience of our senior software engineers helps in reducing time-to-market and minimizing design and development risks.

Our outsourcing software development embedded team services, knowledge and vast experience ensures reliable, stable and smooth operation in hundreds of machines, including embedded devices, embedded linux devices, medical devices, mobile devices, networking systems and our personal favorite's security systems.

ComFix Software's highly skilled and experienced developers tailors the outsourcing software solutions you need in an environment that allows monitoring each development phase (PLM, source control, bug management, issue tracking etc). ComFix Software embedded team provides full transparency as required by you. Our embedded team is determined to keep its outstanding track of delivering reliable software technology every time

ComFix Software Embedded Solutions team develops full BSP's - Embedded firmware design and. Further, the Embedded Solutions team has excessive track record developing for ARM and MIPS processors and is very experienced in writing device drivers around the embedded world.

The ComFix Software Embedded Solutions team also develops drivers to allow maximum operability of Embedded Solutions. Development work is performed over Windows CE, Linux, Vxworks, Mobile OS.

ComFix Software Embedded Solutions team also develops desktop software solutions focuses on Windows and Linux operating systems

Our core development for outsourcing desktop software solutions is performed around:

• Kernel Driver Module – NT4.0
• Windows Driver Module – Windows 2000
• Kernel Driver Foundation – XP & Vista
• Wireless protocols

Additional outsourcing embedded software development expertise can be found around:

• USB Drivers

• PCI Drivers

• File System Drivers

• Audio Drivers

• NDIS Drivers


ComFix Software Embedded Solutions team is consulting and outsourcing in the field of embedded development. Our embedded team specializes in Embedded Linux. Our services are targeted at development companies and hardware companies. We focus on: working hand in hand with the hardware design team, Linux bring-up, Linux device drivers development and software design.

Our Software Embedded Solutions team is probably the best team to partner with – if you are a small to medium hardware manufacturer. We allow you to concentrate on your team's expertise - while ComFix Software Embedded Solutions team provides you with the best possible software R&D accommodating all your needs.

ComFix Software Embedded Solutions team provides the full scale of services needed for embedded development - starting from operating systems solutions to the final logic of the system and even to PC software to monitor and control the system including the graphic design.

Environments and platforms list:

  • .NET Micro Framework, .NET and Visual Studio 2005 tools, Managed C# code environment

  • ThreadX RTOS, ARM microprocessors

  • IAR PowerPac — a real-time operating system (RTOS) combined with a high performance file system, USB and TCP/IP stacks.

  • Embedded CE 6.0 development environment

  • Embedded Linux environment

    Our software developers are:

  • Ready to assist – at any time, any day. We do our best to give the most professional, yet personal service possible.

  • Five years or more of experience in software development of  real-time operating systems, device drivers programming and software development of multi-tasking/threaded applications for embedded products

  • Experienced with object oriented programming/design and its application for embedded systems

  • Great experience in using C++ in embedded systems software solution programming and in understanding the fine details and issues of resources and memory usage in embedded software development

  • Software engineering degree or equivalent engineering experience, disciplined with software engineering skills gained in an embedded microprocessor engineering environment

  • Many years of experience in network communications, serial protocols and embedded software TCP/IP applications

  • Industrial experience related to monitoring and control applications for Access Control, Alarm Panels and Building Management systems

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Answering all Needs

Steven Tover:

ComFix Software has the ability to turn an idea into reality in a very painless way.

Their comprehension of my most important issue and ability to put these into a workable project has saved many hours in the development of our solutions. 

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End to End R&D

Avi Shreiber:

ComFix Software has been more than just a software developer for us. They have consistently added value to all areas of our project - from software research and requirements phase including Product Management, project management through all the development processes and to streamlining the technical architecture of our projects. CFRS corp


Zvi Kushnir:

From our initial contact with ComFix Software, we were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism displayed by all their staff. ComFix Software has exceeded our expectations. They delivered inside every milestones and deadlines and provided us with a cost-effective and efficient alternative to in-house programming. VNK Technologies



We've found their developers, sales staff, and management to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable, and the work of very good quality. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictability.

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