We offer our customers three software delivery models: remote software development, combined on-site/remote development with local project management and local software development.

Our development processes guaranty that you will get full project transparency, control over the production process, as well as predictable deliverables at each project phase.

ComFix Software offers you flexible pricing options to suit your individual needs and capabilities.

Development process at ComFix Software

Phases, activities and deliverables:



Project status:



• Create a business case

• Capture requirements

• Scope the system

• Design of the high-level architecture

• locate major risks

• Formulate a quote including resources, time, staff and cost

System requirements specifications.

      • Proposal

      • PRD

      • SRS (Software Requirements Specifications)

      • Project Plan


• Create an executable architectural baseline

• Create a detailed plan for the Implementation phase

System design defined.

SAD (Software Architecture Document). Identifies the software components and describes components design


• Coding software modules and components as defined

• Maintain the integrity of the architecture

System development in progress.

Reporting progress and status


• composing a Test Plan

• Run Tests according to the Test Plan

• Fix defects

Application tests are in progress.

    • Test Plan

    • Test Reports


• Prepare the sites grounds for the new software

• Make sure the software is tailored and will operate at the users site

• Create manuals and documentations

• Consult the customer

System deployed

    • User manuals

    • Other user documentation


• Monitor system performance

• Maintain the integrity of the developed software and hardware

• Create user manuals and other documentation

• Issue (case) tracking including resolutions and patches

System operation support in progress.

• Issue reports

• System performance reports

Typical project flow:

• The customer provides a high-level specification requirements portraying what should be done reflecting the aspiration of the application, producing specification document (the most efficient form), or other means of conversation.

• ComFix Software analyzes the requirements, and develops the detailed specification document.

• The customer makes necessary adjustments to the specifications prepared by ComFix Software. We update the specifications accordingly and prepare a project plan (schedule and workload).

• Once the proposal is approved, the development, coding part, starts. During the different development stages, the project scope may still be updated if there is such a need.

• ComFix Software performs internal Quality Assurance and testing activities, and passes the completed deliverables to the customer.

• Upon project completion, ComFix Software development team remains available for project support and fixes. Whether the project requires upgrading or migration to a newer platform version, the ComFix Software specialists are always available to help.

Project Planning

Each step of the software development has its project plan (in Microsoft Project format, or might be some open source Project Management system according to the need); the master project plan contains all current and planned tasks and assignments of team members.

Project Environment

ComFix Software can sets up remote access (over terminal services or other types of remote access) to enable the demonstrations or testing of the developed software in the customer’s environment.

Customer communication/ Project tracking:

• Daily emails/chats/phone calls to discuss technical issues (requirements, architecture, etc).

• Weekly emails/chats/calls to discuss the current project status.

• Monthly or on demand emails/phone calls to discuss the partnership, oversee the past month and make decisions on the development process, project configuration, etc.

• Submit periodical or on demand project updates (time spent reports, update of the project plan, weekly status reports).

Quality Assurance

Quality control activities are constantly being performed throughout all project phases, to make sure that the project management and project deliverables are of the highest quality.

ComFix Software uses:

Templates & Guidelines

Standardized templates are used for all types of project documents. Using templates allows creating comprehensive easy-to-read documents. Guidelines are used in the development process to assist in creating quality project deliverables. Guidelines can be cross-industry and corporate.

Formal Testing & Acceptance

To ensure high quality of deliverables, testing and acceptance criteria for every deliverable and project phase are established. Acceptance criteria must comply with industry and corporate guidelines.

Peer Reviews

In a peer review, colleagues of the creator of a particular software work product examine the product to identify defects and correct possible flaws.

All interim and final development work products are candidates for review, including requirements specifications, architecture design, or source code.

Change & Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a supporting process whose purpose is to identify, define, and baseline items; control modifications and releases of those items; report and record status of the items and modification requests; ensure completeness, consistency, and correctness of the items; control storage, handling, and delivery of the items. By implementing Change and Configuration Management practices, quality of the deliverables is controlled.


Answering all Needs

Steven Tover:

ComFix Software has the ability to turn an idea into reality in a very painless way.

Their comprehension of my most important issue and ability to put these into a workable project has saved many hours in the development of our solutions. 

Zehu Technologies

End to End R&D

Avi Shreiber:

ComFix Software has been more than just a software developer for us. They have consistently added value to all areas of our project - from software research and requirements phase including Product Management, project management through all the development processes and to streamlining the technical architecture of our projects. CFRS corp


Zvi Kushnir:

From our initial contact with ComFix Software, we were impressed with the efficiency and professionalism displayed by all their staff. ComFix Software has exceeded our expectations. They delivered inside every milestones and deadlines and provided us with a cost-effective and efficient alternative to in-house programming. VNK Technologies



We've found their developers, sales staff, and management to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable, and the work of very good quality. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictability.

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